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The Board will provide an update on significant events that have occurred over the past year. If necessary, hold an election of board members. Our governing documents provide for a board of 5 members. Typically only one of those positions is up for election each year, and they rotate for 3-year periods

At each association annual meeting, there's a chance to discuss new business. This is your opportunity, as an owner, to raise issues that you think the Board should address. If you have something that you would like discussed or voted on at this association meeting, contact Building Management, prior to the meeting, to be added to the agenda

It is important that enough people attend the Annual Meeting to reach a quorum of owners. The notice of the meeting includes a proxy form that you can complete to allow another owner or a board member to act as your proxy and vote on your behalf. If you cannot attend the meeting, we encourage you to give your proxy to another owner or a board member with instructions on whether and how to vote