Winter Weather

What to do When It’s Cold Please Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

Please do what you can to prevent pipes from freezing and to minimize damage if they do.

Some things residents here can do to help prevent pipes from freezing:

Keep your heat on, even if you’re not here. The overnight low temperatures often happen at 7am or 8am

These things really do help. We know they seem minor, but they can make the difference between a pipe freezing (and bursting, and flooding) or not.

On the coldest days, keep hot and cold faucets, especially those on an exterior wall, running at a low trickle, just above a drip.

If there is a major water leak:

  • Call 911 to have the fire department shut off the water main to the building.

  • OR turn off the water main yourself. It is in a closet in the P2 garage behind parking stall 2 with “Storage and Water Main Shut Off” on the door. The closet is unlocked. The water main is behind the door.

  • Contact CWD (206) 706-8000

If everyone does their part, we can prevent catastrophic water leaks this winter. Thanks!