Volunteering / Getting Involved

The board is made up of volunteers who need and welcome your help to make this a great place to live. If you have skills you wish to share, suggestions, see things in need of attention, or can pitch in to help with tasks around the building, the board would greatly appreciate your help.

Suggestions and Volunteering:

If you have suggestions or ideas to help the community, contact the board at: board@qaov.org

Snow Days:

Every so often, it does snow in Seattle and we need volunteers to help shovel and deice. Home owners are required to make sure walkways are clear and safe. If you are willing to help with snow days, please provide your name and contact information to the board: board@qaov.org

    • Snow shovels and deicer are in the storage unit across from the main entrance

    • Our maintenance team makes sure supplies are stocked in the winter before bad weather strikes

    • The Board will communicate snow day reminders via signs posted in the elevator