Renters & Off Site Owners


Short term rentals are not allowed. Please review building rules prior to renting your unit.

It is not the responsibility of the board, your neighbors or the association's management company to address complaints of those occupying your unit. Hire a management company to oversee your property if you are unable to do so yourself.

Please contact the management company whenever someone new begins residing in your unit.

Please have your renters fill out the Resident's Registration Form found under Attachments, and email it to our management company:

CWD Manager assigned to QAOV:

Be aware of the building rules found in your declaration and make sure your renters know the rules. Please also make your renters are familiar with the Home Page and General Information section of this website for basic information.

Off Site Owners:

Owners who rent their units must provide a copy of their rental agreement to the property manager, CWD Main Phone: (206) 706-8000

A $400 fee is required whenever a new resident occupies your unit.

A two business day notification of the move must be reported to the property manager.

If no notification is provided, the owner of the unit will be fined.

    • Please make sure your tenant knows where the following are located:

      • Parking stall

      • Storage unit

      • Mail box

    • Please make sure renters are aware of building rules and respect them.

    • Please forward residential communications you receive from the board and management company to your renters.

If Your Unit is Vacant:

    • You are still responsible for the maintenance of your unit.

    • You are still responsible to carry appropriate insurance coverage for your unit.

    • In cold months, your heat (not your gas fireplace) should still be on to prevent frozen pipes.

    • Check drains to make sure they are clear of debris.

    • Frequently check your unit to make sure no unexpected problems have arisen in your absence.

      • If necessary, hire a management company to oversee your property while your unit remains unoccupied.

  • It is not the responsibility of the board, your neighbors or the association's management company to attend to your personal property.

Renters should contact the unit owner if there are issues with their rental, not the board or the management company. If the property owner determines the issue should be forwarded to the management company, the owner should contact CWD: (206) 706-8000