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Homeowners are responsible for forwarding pertinant Building Management “CWD” and QAOV emails to residents 


If for any reason, you are a homeowner and do not know how to access the CWD website, please reach out to CWD and they will guide you.


Annual Meeting (owners)

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The Board will provide an update on significant events that have occurred over the past year. If necessary, hold an election of board members. Our governing documents provide for a board of 5 members. Typically only one of those positions is up for election each year, and they rotate for 3-year periods

At each association annual meeting, there's a chance to discuss new business. This is your opportunity, as an owner, to raise issues that you think the Board should address. If you have something that you would like discussed or voted on at this association meeting, contact Building Management, prior to the meeting, to be added to the agenda

It is important that enough people attend the Annual Meeting to reach a quorum of owners. The notice of the meeting includes a proxy form that you can complete to allow another owner or a board member to act as your proxy and vote on your behalf. If you cannot attend the meeting, we encourage you to give your proxy to another owner or a board member with instructions on whether and how to vote

Carpet Cleaning

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Common Areas 

Fire Alarm Inspection

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Without your cooperation, the Association may be cited for violation. Uninspected, no access units must pay for an inspection at a later date.  If you have any questions contact Building Management

Alarms will sound during the inspection

In order to complete the inspection successfully, the Board requires participation from ALL owners/residents to provide access to their unit. Inspections take approximately 10 minutes per unit to complete. 

Access options

Be physically present at the unit

Drop off a spare key to a neighbor that would be present. In this case, please leave a note on your door where the technician can be referred to gain access. Otherwise, your unit may be bypassed

Drop off a spare key to The Board of Directors who will be present on site to monitor the inspection.

Power Washing

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Exterior common areas, main entrance, side entrance, stairs and walkways

If you live on the first floor near the walkway,  please make sure to close your sliding glass doors and windows on these days. To protect your property, remove items from your patio 

Private patios will not be a part of this cleaning.  Homeowners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own private patios and decks

Roof/Gutter cleaning

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Vent Cleaning

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Mandatory access to all units is required. Please be home on the scheduled day, or have a neighbor, friend, or family member available to provide access in your absence.  

IMPORTANT:  Any unit vents not cleaned during this community vent cleaning will need to schedule and pay for cleaning of their unit.  Individual vent cleanings run approx. $100, so please make sure to provide access.

Window Washing

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All cleaning will take place from the outside of the building

For the security of your unit and your privacy, draw curtains and close and lock windows 

Only windows that cannot be reached from decks will be washed.

Screens must be removed from inside each unit, so please make sure to remove your screen.  Windows with screens will not be cleaned. No unit access required

Bike Racks are located in the P1 garage 

Since space is limited. If you find that you are not riding your bike, please consider donating it, selling it or moving it to your storage unit

To keep the bike Rack from becoming overloaded, the board takes periodic bicycle inventory

Signs will be posted around the building

Email will be sent to all residents/owners

Bikes will be held for 30 days

After 30  days bikes will be donated to Bike Works


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Do not feed Birds and Urban Wildlife

Do not leave food out for birds and always dispose of food waste in the proper bin  

Food attracts birds and rodents, creating costly maintenance issues 

Nests have been removed from vents and the roof.  Bird waste has been cleaned off the roof and walkways

The Humane Society states HUMAN FOOD is unsafe for birds


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Maintenance staff are onsite every Thursday

If you notice a maintenance need in any Common Area, please email Building Management 

Subject: Queen Anne Ocean View  

Body:     Provide a brief, but detailed description of the problem

Building Insurance

If your Mortgage holder requires proof of insurance on the building Contact Rice Insurance Company 

For problems with your cable contact Xfinity

Adding Xfinity service, contact the Unit Owner to make arrangements to access the Cable Room


Adding Comcast service, contact Building Management to make arrangements to access the Cable Room. 

Please give 48 hours advance notice


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Keep the Lobby, Rec Room, Walkways and Entrances free of debris.  

If you see someone causing damage, or making a mess on the property, please contact Building Management immediately

It is never okay to leave trash in or around the building common areas

Remember to wipe your feet on the mats provided

If you expect packages, and will not be home to receive them, please make arrangements with a neighbor to retrieve your package so it is not left in the lobby


If you have plants on your deck, liners are required so they do not drip onto your neighbor's deck or cause water damage to the deck

Deck Cleaning

Use Simple Green all purpose cleaner.  When cleaning the deck floor, apply with a brush specifically designed to clean delicate deck surfaces. Make sure your cleaning efforts do not impact your neighbors


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Packages should be placed in the designated space in the lobby.  For extra security when ordering valuable items, it is recommended that you arrange delivery at hold locations



Amazon Prime Security Lockers

Whole Foods 2001 15th Ave W, free to Prime members, log onto your Amazon account for more information


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CWD Management provides Emergency On-Call Services 

Please do not email CWD in emergency situations, as the client email address is not monitored after hours and on weekends

Medical Emergency

Immediately call 9-1-1


Report all crime (Break-in attempts, Intruder, Package theft)


Burst Pipe

Electrical Outage

Contact Seattle City Light OUTAGE HOTLINE 206-682-7400

Failed garage door


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Contact Puget Sound Energy 

Call Building Management 206-706-8000

Detect a gas leak


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The Board will require removal of vehicles and other items improperly stored in parking spaces at the risk and expense of the owner

Garage door opener

Not Working, replace batteries

Still not working

Contact Unit Owner

Contact Building Management to get the codes to make sure your remote is still programmed properly (have your garage number - P1 or P2 - available to make sure you get the correct codes)

Purchase a new Opener

Get the make/model of your remote (might want to make note of it somewhere in your records)

Note which garage you use P1 or P2.

After pre-authorizing purchase through Building Management, contact Davis Door to purchase a replacement.

Lost, Stolen, Broken Opener

Contact Building Management 206-706-8000 immediately so we may change the codes if warranted and to pre-authorize the purchase of a new remote.


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Entrance Key Fob

For security reasons, immediately contact Building Management and Unit Owner

Lost Mailbox Keys

Contact Interbay Post Office

(206) 284-5958

2010 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119


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Unwanted Items

If you have unwanted items, do not leave them abandoned in or around the building.  See Donation Resources Below.

Donation Resources 

Bicycle Donation - Bikeworks

Donation Resources

● Parking stall   ● Storage unit   ● Mail box

 Contact Owner

Storage Location

1-9 First Floor near elevator

10-26 First Floor by north entrance 

29-43 Second Floor by elevator

Rec Room Location - 2nd Floor


This allows us time to hang required elevator padding, and allow the Board to announce when the elevator may not be readily available for residents with mobility issues

Please be a good neighbor and pet parent.  Always pickup your pet's waste, even in areas such as the island in front of the building

It is a good idea to put a pet alert on your door.  In the event of Fire, emergency staff will know there is a pet in your unit

Please do not allow your pet to relieve themselves anywhere on the grounds (Entrance, Garage, Elevator, and Common Areas)  

If an accident occurs, clean it up immediately

Unit Owners are fully responsible for damage caused by Pets


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Fireworks of any kind

Batting, kicking or throwing balls against any walls of the building

Common areas should not be used as play areas


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Due to safety concerns, lockboxes are not permitted. Owners will be fined for any Lockboxes associated to their unit. 

Contact Building Management


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Location: 2nd Floor

Hours:  8AM until 10PM (Quiet hours must be adhered to after 10PM

The SPA is Non-Functional. There are no plans to address this issue


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Recycle Collection Days Monday, Wednesday and Friday

ALWAYS crush boxes so there is room for everyone 

City of Seattle Recycle information

King 5 Article regarding What not to Recycle (Nov 2022)

Generally speaking, there are a few rules to follow.

“Don’t focus on the number one, number two, number five," 

"Focus on what the type of container is. If it’s rigid, has a cap or a lid, it’s recyclable. We want it. If it’s flexible, if it’s a clamshell, if it’s multi-material, that stuff doesn’t belong here. It belongs in your garbage can.”

Some of the most common items that are sent to the recycling bin that should not be recycled are plastic bags, bubble wrap and plastic wrappers. Also, do not put recyclables in plastic bags, because it can create a hazard at the plant

Pete Keller, Republic Services VP of recycling and sustainability


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Lease Agreements

Owners are required to provide a copy of the current Lease Agreement to Building Management


Unit Owners without a current lease on file will be fined.

Short term rentals - not allowed


It is not the responsibility of the Board, your neighbors or the building management to address complaints of those occupying your unit. 

Location information 

 Provide Residents with the location of the following

● Parking stall   ● Storage unit   ● Mail box   ● Rec Room

Community Communique

Owners are responsible for forwarding communications from the Board and Management company to their Residents

Vacant Unit


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Security is the highest priority at Queen Anne Ocean View

If you see anything suspicious, please report the incident to Building Management 206-706-8000 and to the Board

If warranted, such as an intruder in the garage or the building, immediately call 9-1-1

Security Measures


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Collection Days 

Tuesday and Friday

King county 

Disposal Options

Hazardous Materials

City of Seattle Hazardous Material Disposal

It is illegal to dispose of Hazardous Materials in the trash

Remodel Refuse 

Review Construction Requirements 


Call 2 Recycle

Fluorescent Bulbs 

Tubes and Fluorescent (CFL), contain Mercury and are banned from Seattle's garbage. 

To find bulb collection sites visit Light Recycle

Incandescent, LED, Halogen & Xenon

Place in the garbage  


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Do not leave unwanted items in the lobby, near the trash, or in other areas in or around the building

If you need to dispose a mattress, piece of furniture or large quantity of items, do not fill the dumpster  

See the King county 

Disposal Options

Donation Resources


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Overnight low temperatures often occur between 7AM & 8AM

Each owner is responsible for making sure that their unit is prepared for Winter weather. This includes, but is not limited to the following



Residents are responsible to clear snow and ice.   Residents are responsible to clear snow and ice.   

Seattle Municipal Code Sec. 15.48. 010 - Owner/occupant must remove snow and ice from sidewalks in a timely manner and, if practical, prevent it from becoming potentially hazardous

We need volunteers to help shovel and de-ice.

Snow and ice supplies:  Cold weather supplies are stocked in the QAOV supply room  “shed.”  There is an exterior door, opposite the main entrance, with salt, snow shovels etc.  Residents are encouraged to use these supplies to address weather conditions. 

Premium Janitorial is onsite every Thursday. They will periodically address walkway treatments this winter, and will stocks supplies on request.  

Please contact Building Management  if you identify an unsafe condition.