Please everyone, stay aware of security.
  • Keep your doors and windows secured.
  • Make sure all building doors, including the garage doors, are closed behind you.
  • Do not prop the doors open and leave them unattended.
  • If you open the windows in the Rec Room, always close them and secure the lock before you exit the room.
  • If you are having work done on your unit, let the management company know. 
  • If you or anyone in your unit is moving, do not leave doors open and unattended.
  • Do not let in someone who buzzes you that you do not know.  If it's the UPS guy and you're not expecting a package, walk to the lobby to receive the package. 
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Report any break-in attempts immediately to our management company at (206) 706-8000.
  • If you witness a break-in attempt, call 911.
The best security measure the building has is the owner's participation in keeping the building secure.