Welcome to the Queen Anne Ocean View Condominium Home Page

Management Company:
CWD Group:  https://www.cwdgroup.com
2800 Thorndyke Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98199

Manager:  Steven Santamaria Manager:  queenanneoceanview@cwdgroup.com
Customer Service Call Center:  cst@cwdgroup.com
Phone:  (206) 706-8000 

All Board Members: board@qaov.org
Geoff President:  geoff@qaov.org
Seth Secretary:  seth@qaov.org
Tyler Treasurer:  tyler@qaov.org
Lorraine Board Member at large: lorraine@qaov.org

CWD Website Portal Manual:
Our management company has a website you may elect to use.  Here you may find association documents, setup payment options for your dues, and communicate with the manager.  Visit the CWD Webpage Portal link on the left menu to learn more.

New to the building?
If you have not already done so, please take a moment to fill out a Resident Info Sheet.  The information you provide will help the board and our management company communicate with you and will provide us information in the event of an emergency.  Please click Resident Registration on the left menu to download and complete the form. 
Please return the completed form to Steven Santamaria Manager:  queenanneoceanview@cwdgroup.com

Trash Collection Days:  Tuesday and Friday 
Please click here for items that are hazardous and are not to be placed in the trash. 
If you have items you do not know how to dispose of, please click here
Click here for Christmas tree pick up dates. 

Recycle Collection Days:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Please make sure you follow the recycling regulations, ALWAYS crush boxes so there is room for everyone.  Please click here to review recycle information. 

Ridwell is a supplemental recycling service.  To learn more visit:  https://www.ridwell.com

Maintenance staff on site:  Thursday 
Bill is our maintenance man.  If you notice a maintenance need in the common areas, please email him. In the subject line and body of your email, please include the building name: Queen Anne Ocean View provide a brief, but detailed description of the problem.
Email Bill at:  willegede@aol.com

Storage Area Locations:  1-9 First Floor near elevator, 10-26 First Floor by north entrance, 29-43 Second Floor by elevator.

Cable TV:  For problems with your cable, please contact Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489) or visit their website at:  http://customer.comcast.com/contact-us/ 
If you are adding service through Comcast, please contact the building manager at: (206) 706-8000 to make arrangements for access to the Cable Room. 
Please give 48 hours advance notice.

Packages:  Packages should be placed in the designated spaces in the lobby.  For extra security when ordering valuable items, it is recommended you arrange to pick up items at hold locations:
Garage Door Problems:  Please contact Davis Door Company at (206) 324-9101.  This information is also posted next to the garage doors.

Elevator Problems:  Call the building manager at: (206) 706-8000.

Lost Main Entrance Key:  For security reasons, immediately contact the building manager at: (206) 706-8000There is a replacement fee.

Lost Mailbox Keys:
  Contact the Interbay Post Office at (206) 284-5958.

Fireplace Concerns - Gas:  Contact Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773 if you are concerned about your gas fireplace. 
For information on how to detect a gas leak, please click here

Garage Door Openers:
If your garage door opener is not working:
  • Replace the battery
  • If it still isn’t working call the building manager at: (206) 706-8000. to get the codes to make sure your remote is still programmed properly
    (have your garage number - P1 or P2 - available to make sure you get the correct codes).
  • If the remote still doesn’t work, Call the building manager at: (206) 706-8000 to have a remote purchase pre-authorized.
If you have lost or broken your garage door opener:
  • Call the building manager at: (206) 706-8000 immediately so we may change the codes if warranted and to pre-authorize the purchase of a new remote.
To purchase a new remote:
  • Get the make/model of your remote (might want to make note of it somewhere in your records)
  • Note which garage you use P1 or P2.
  • After pre-authorizing purchase through the building manager at: (206) 706-8000, call Davis Door at (206) 324-9101 to purchase a replacement.

Mortgage holder needs proof of insurance on the building? 
Contact Rice Insurance Company 1.888.742.3467 or locally at 360.734.1161 to be directed to someone who can assist you.